GracePointe Church
Monday, December 18, 2017
A new church for a new generation

Digital Recordings

It used to be that audio messages were recorded on cassette tapes. Then, churches began using cd's. Some still do.
We use digital recordings so that you can download messages free of charge and listen to them immediately.


Soon we will be posting video recordings of Sunday messages. You can either watch them onlilne or download them to your device.


A Christian worldview based on God’s essential truths has a lifelong impact on the way you approach and deal with life's challenges. The message series “iTruths” teaches how to filter everyday experiences through the truth of God's Word. For instance, understanding God's gift of salvation enables one to love God more deeply and tell others more confidently what God can do for them.
Pastor Tom Holland has developed the message series “iTruths”   resulting in a provoking, life-changing exploration of core doctrines: The  Bible, Salvation, the Lord’s Supper, Baptism, Church Membership, Worship, Prayer and Personal Evangelism
The messages are now available in mp3 form. Click an icon to hear or download--and God's blessings on you.
iAccept focuses on how God grants forgiveness through faith in Christ Jesus.
iKnow is all about the authority of the Bible in a believer's life. Tom addresses the authority of Scripture, the revelation, inspiration and preservation of the Bible.  
iIdentify presents the privilege of baptism. Each believer should be baptized to be obedient to Christ. 
iPartake focuses on the observance of the Lord's Supper.