GracePointe Church
Monday, December 18, 2017
A new church for a new generation



  • In 1900 there were 27 churches for every 10,000 Americans.
  • In 1950 there were 17 churches for every 10,000 Americans
  • In 1996 there were 11 churches for every 10,000 Americans.
That's why we're planting GracePointe. There will never be a time when there are too many churches.

About Us

Gracepointe Church is a brand new church, and when we say “brand new” we mean brand new! We are an evangelical church of Christ-followers who believe what the Bible teaches.  We're small now, but not for long. New attendees come each week.
GracePointe Church is designed around a straightforward, strategic process that helps people move through the stages of spiritual growth.
GracePointe Church is a biblically centered, culturally relevant and ethnically diverse church that is focused on impacting the world with the Good News of God's grace beginning with our own community and reaching to the ends of the earth.    
Refreshingly Authentic
Marked by Grace
Committed to Truth
Passionate in Worship
Fueled by Prayer
Compelled to Serve
Eager to Grow
Always Reaching Out
Dreaming of the Future
Life is complicated. Church shouldn't be. Our mutual goal at GracePointe Church is spiritual growth and maturity, accomplished by Loving God, loving People, and serving the world.
It’s as simple as that.