GracePointe Church
Monday, December 18, 2017
A new church for a new generation


Everything we do is first viewed throught the lense of our purpose statement.

If it does not line up with "loving God, loving people or serving the world," then we will not do it.

Our purpose statement is both biblical and easy to remember.

Mature Adults

Why focus ONLY on Mature Adults?
GracePointe is focusing on this age group because it is no accident that God has allowed such a large number of baby  boomers  and builders to be alive at this moment in time. We are not a stereotypic "senior adult church." GracePointe believes that God wants to raise up an army of older adults for His purposes. GracePointe will tap into God’s plan for this generation to see them come to Christ, grow in Him and be engaged in meaningful ministry.
Our purpose statement guides us in all that we do. Based on Matthew 22:34-40 and Matthew 28:18-20, our statement is "Love God, Love people, Serve the world."
That is what it is all about. The core of why our church exists is wrapped in loving God. We believe that loving God is all about discovering the Father and the Son and accepting and returning love freely.
We believe that people need to have relationships with others, that no one should stand alone. We offer small community groups that are designed to help us build Godly relationships with other people in a safe and caring environment.
At GracePointe we serve the world by volunteering in our church, meeting needs in the community and with state-side and international mission trips. GracePointe is an independent, autonomous church that is affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention and partners with more than 50,000 other Baptist churches to support more than 10,000 missionaries throughout the U.S. and around the world.
Through the International Mission Board and North American Mission Board, GracePointe is enabled to do with other Southern Baptist churches what could not be done independently. In 2010, Southern Baptists began almost 20,000 new churches around the world and witnessed more than one-half million people become Christ-followers and then be baptized by immersion as a testimony of their new faith.
GracePointe also belongs to the Arizona Southern Baptist Convention, impacting 6.2 million people with the Gospel of Christ. GracePointe gives financial contributions for mission ministries the world over through the Cooperative Program (Southern Baptist financial program for missions and evangelism.